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Ron Alexander has been a publishing journalist, book author and marketing specialist since 1975. He has worked for the McDonald’s Corporation, Subway and Coca Cola. Journalist Ron Alexander has reported on the film, music, restaurant industries, profiling the careers of Diana Ross, Sammy Davis Jr, Grover Washington Jr, and Phyllis Hyman. Author Ron Alexander penned two best-selling books, Cherished Diamond and Don’t Tell Me What To Do. His most important work, however, is serving as the CEO of the Tina Fuller Foundation, an educational charity that helps inner-city youth to achieve academic excellence and to attend college.ype your paragraph here.

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The Tina Fuller Foundation was founded in 2013 by CEO, Ron Alexander, as an educational and advocacy educational foundation. The foundation is named in honor of the late Tina Fuller, whose early childhood daycare center was legendary in educating  children from age three to six-year-old in the Philadelphia area.

“We are proud that we have addressed both education and violence in our community,” says CEO, Ron Alexander. “In 2016, we gave deserving students college scholarships totaling $10,000 and $15,000 to victims of gun violence in our community in Philadelphia. Many families needed help with medical bills and final arrangements.”